Rotation Options


LR= Low Rotation
NR=Normal Rotation
HR=Heavy Rotation

We at Liquid Hip Hop Radio have had the pleasure of creating a platform of exposure for local artist here in the PNW to New York City, Minnesota, Florida, Arizona and California since 2005!

As Liquid Hip Hop came to life in early 2005, we were set on getting as many local and talented artist getting the recognition and exposure they deserved in their community, city clubs.  During these years,  large market radio stations had no desire to hear what talent our underground actually brought.

We started with only a few local crews from Seattle, doing radio exclusives, event promotion, artist management and tour bookings, single bill to entire bill shows and events from Vancouver B.C to Portland.  As we grew, Liquid Radio and EC3 Productions began to receive over 250+ request’s every few weeks, for artist who wanted to just have their projects heard. This allowed us to keep our goal to fulfill exposure to the “Underground Scene.”

In 2017 we find our selves hitting over 23 Countries with over 300 cities across the United States alone. Our listener ship jumped from 20% capacity to over 75% in the last two years. After expanding our bandwidth 3 different times, upgrading our Liquid Website almost monthly we continued to average an estimated 600+ Hit’s with listening averages well above 2 hrs per single session.
Though we enjoy the success and the opportunity to continue our goal of exposure, we have had to limit our submissions do to the overwhelming response.  We began in 2013 doing open enrollment 4 times a year, allowing artist to submit their albums, bio’s, tracks and videos to our team. In doing so they would gain a dedicated spot on our website, album or track review buy industry professionals, twitter blast’s and company Facebook updates. Even then, we were not able to put on the majority of submissions do to  the rising bandwidth, staff and increasing cost.

Early in 2016, Liquid Hip Hop Radio and it’s original members came together and proposed a subscription plan to continue our goal. We are happy to say our trial run has proven we can keep rotation fee’s at a bare minimum with extreme advantages and exposure, allowing us to maintain our mission.  Allowing artist to choose how they would like to be showcased, whether going for the full fledged Heavy Rotation and company exposure or just wanting their Mix Tape to get out before they drop a solo or re-occuring release, has allowed us to continue to strive for the underground scene.
Our goal continues to be strong with rhythmic and paralyzing underground lyricist’s and Hip Hop pioneers that we plan to upgrade once again in late 2017 to stream better quality and allow for more options in promotions. This gives many of our original artist’s and team members putting their passion for music into a full time job and career.Allowing us to help those artist working so hard to put out their love and passion.  We believe through this our network will continue too grown stronger, thus allowing us to use our platform for artist exposure and performance based events in all areas.

We at EC3 Productions and Liquid Hip Hop Radio want to thank you and we hope to continue with new projects every day!

Submit your Media

In this section is where you submit your music. You can upload multiple files by selecting CNTRL on your computer and selecting multiple tracks.

Acceptable file formats are MP3 All other formats will be rejects. Maximum file size is 10MB. If you need to reduce your file size please use the FREE ONLINE TOOL

You can also submit a download link using an online service such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Amazon or other Free services.

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