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Music Submissions: Please send your most recent and promoted single by email whether in promotion of an album or single. Artwork or a video are always helpful. Include a short biography with submissions to help us identify with your presentation. Please include any and all links to social networks, Sound-cloud and personal info to help us promote your product should it be decide to put your submission into rotation or social media. Although there’s no rule, we do appreciate you telling your fans that your going to be on with Liquid Hip Hop Radio. We enjoy gaining listeners through new rotations and individual/group submissions.


Sponsorship or Partnership: KCPR/Liquid Hip Hop offers competitive and flexible packages to meet your potential budgets that include show host verbal blasts, rotation or show commercials, placement or drops with Liquid Hip Hop Radio interviews, and scheduled social media blasts with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Jobs & Internships: Currently we do not offer paying positions, but we are always taking on willing and motivated individuals to join the team. We are always looking for show production, both street and online promoters, technical specialists for website demands or general running of the station intern program.

Album release dates and event calendar: For albums will be simple updates with change options on an already listed work or a new addition (it’s usually smart to include a single to play in a promotion format). For shows, please include all details including venue, full artist lineup, hosts, DJ’s, times, age restrictions, a link to buy tickets and show poster or materials. If the details need to be in a professional style with advertisements around locations in the Seattle and Tacoma.

EC3 Productions/Liquid Hip Hop Radio Email Info:
Manager and Artist Relations.

Radio Submissions: Demos Submission Application 2017
(Please be advised we have a new form for all submissions.  Follow this link to submit demos unless 
otherwise contacted directly by talents or producers.  Thank You!)

Demos Submission Application 2017

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