Second Drop From Dyme Def in as Many Months!

18057156_10208908443575393_453366146048567428_n 2

Dyme Def drops their second track in as many months.  After a couple year hiatus, the trio Hip Hop group that hit every club, beat battle, festival, seemed to go quiet the past years.  After Solo albums from Fearce, Fearce and Bean One, Brainstorm, and S.E.V, heavy rumors of the trio going pure solo, seemed to coincide with many local Hip Hop heads began too see other headliners disappear from the usual weekend hot spots.

With the likes of DTTTC, I’ll Fight You, Nacho Picasso, Fresh Espresso, SOL, and others MIC’s fell silent and the music sound seemed to move in different directions.  Some dropping tracks hear and there, appearing with the likes of Grieves, Prof, Pac Div to name a few… that seemed to be the only glimpse of what seemed to be a vibrant Hip Hop I-5 corridor, now quiet on the set.  Or was it just a minute to revamp to the newer sounds of the new face of Seattle?

From what we are hearing, minds and producers have been busy putting tracks, beats, and flo’s together to drop as single’s every couple weeks!  Is this the new area of Hip Hop in Seattle?  From appearing on the top 10 on Liquid Hip Hop Radio!  It seems Dyme has rekindled their creative veins!

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