Wear it Loud

Make a Difference Without a Sound!

“If you don’t stick to your values when they’re being tested, they’re not values: they’re hobbies.” – John Stewart
As someone who was born and raised as an American, I have always had my doubts as many do about our governments true agenda and statements of “This is For the People.” Yet I have only stated my opinions in gatherings of friends and family, but never moved past such conversations or stood up in a controversial state for my ideals. I never felt I had to, I never felt my rights as an American were truly in danger.
As I sat back and watched the pure debacle of what we called our 2016 Election, for the first time in my life, my fear became a true reality. Actually seeing lie after lie from the republican and democratic platform, with no explanation, just a “Wrong” blurt from Agent Orange just made me feel I was actually in a dream.
As I and I’m sure many Americans sudden nightmare began to manifest as a hypocritical, sexist, racist, bigot man baby took oath to “Protect and bolster our security and country.” Only now those we are supposed to trust have destructively dismantle the work in which one of our great American President’s of the past 20 years so delicately put pieces back together for “We the People.” He renewed our trust, faith and sense of belonging, but it came in one small signature that everything diminished and dissolved.
Every day I wake up and wonder what our government has meddled in today… Russia, healthcare, security, or the lives of our fellow Americans. What will our “leaders” destroy F&%k up or today, I only wonder, how much longer will we as American citizens have what we have valued so dearly… our rights and freedom as set fourth be our four fathers. Today, I will stay quiet and remain still no longer, I will use my upbringing and courage to begin my path to spread at least a bit of something that we as Americans can proudly show our dismay through something as small as words on a shirt. This is our 1st amendment right which is under attack by those who are “ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES” to protect our Constitution and we the People of the United States. We don’t need hostility, violence, destruction… we need unity, we need to stress peace but sternness as one united front. It is time to stand together. Let us and those around the world know we are peaceful but will not be pushed around by corruption. I ask you to join me by showing support through a medium that can not be ignored, beaten, disgraced , erased, nor bullied by those who hold their own agendas. Our goal should be to see this opportunity to send a message from coast to coast to define our feeling of dismay for the corruption which now engulfs all protections we have as a species. Show our strength and sense of unity through our words without speaking.
Thank you!


Thank you all! We hope with your help with this campaign we will be putting our name and fingerprint, allowing us to further campaigns in the future, spreading awareness by the donations we raise. We thank all of our followers, supporters and bloggers who have made Liquid Hip Hop Radio what it is today! Now we are asking for your help to broaden our reach and help Liquid Radio and EC3 Productions make a contributing dent into the injustices and corruption that we face today.

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